21 Dec



1. Who are you?

We are Angelica and Selene, two italian sisters with lots of good taste and weird appetite. You can find more about ourselves by checking “Abous Us” page from the menu above. 

2. What do you sell?

We are specialised in used sexy lingerie: panties, bras, stockings/collant, and everything that comes up in your mind. You can buy our panties and stockings directly from this website or you can ask for a custom order by email at info@usedpanties.sexy
Let your fantasy guide you, tells us what you wish for.

3. How do I buy?

You can simply place the order and put the items you want in the cart. We accept all payment methods: paypal, bank transfer, etc... We are open to discuss your preferences. If you ask for a custom order you will recieve a paypal invoice by email.  

4. How will my items be delivered?

Standard shipping is for free (worldwide). It usually takes 5-7 working days for your order to arrive. If you prefer a faster service we also offer 2-3 days delivery by adding 20,00$. 
You can choose the shipping method you prefer when completing the order. We ship with UPS. Your privacy will be granted, boxes are anonymous (we declare “clothing” for international shipping) and no female name will be written on the labels. 

5. Will my identity remain private?

Yes, of course. Your privacy is important to us and your identity will always be hidden. Personal information will never be given out to a third party, we (Angelica&Selene) personally take care of your order.  

6. Are the items definitely worn by you and you only?

Yes! We love this job and to make you satisfied. You decide how many hours (at least 24h) or days we must wear the panties&other stuff and we REALLY do.  Plus, each order comes with an exclusive photo of Angelica or Selene (you choose) wearing the panties and a handwritten sign with your name.

7. Is it you in the photos?

Yes! We'll write who of us is portrayed under each photo. 
Presentation&home photos: Selene

8. Can I talk with you?

If you want to talk directly with one of us, ask questions, send personal feedbacks or requests, we will be glad to answer. 
Angelica: angelica@usedpanties.sexy
Selene: selene@usedpanties.sexy

9. I have other questions.

Feel free to contact us at info@usedpanties.sexy